Instructor’s Certification Details and Verification Inquiries

  • The My Online Cert Instructor holds many certifications from various agencies, including being a state-certified Utah & California DOJ instructor, and National Rifle Association-certified firearms instructor. All of the Instructor's certifications are current and active. See below for specific verification inquiries.
  • Our course has been developed and produced exclusively by My Online Cert. Our course far-exceeds industry standards, and we consider it to be among the very best in online handgun safety instruction available.
  • In accordance with Virginia Code, our course was developed to fulfill the requirement of obtaining a Documentation of Competence with a Handgun as defined here:
  • The Instructor's Utah state-certified Instructor ID is printed on each certificate issued by My Online Cert, which should alone satisfy requirement per Virginia code. Due to restrictions in place by the NRA, we are unable to print the Instructor's NRA ID on the certificate or display it publicly. However we are happy to provide this and any other information you may need upon request.
  • Please send all verification inquiries to: [email protected]
    We strive to reply within 24 hours or less.
  • We are very proud of our course, our Instructor, and his extensive credentials. We are happy to assist in any verification needed.

  • Thank you,

    The My Online Cert Team
    Proudly helping Americans safely protect themselves and their families.